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Not all of the members of the Canton of Silverhart are on-line; not all of them have requested to be included in this list. However, for those listed here, the names are not listed by order of precedence; the names are alphabetical by SCA name.

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If you reside in Coeur d'Alene or Post Falls, you may choose to have your electronic contact information listed here. 

milord Andrew Gracee

Aodhan of Tyre

Angus de Gournay

Arabella Hawkins

Baroness Araviere Isobelle Magdaleine de St. Etoienne
AoA, JdL, Baroness of Wealdsmere
Mary Kenna

Sir Caieth of Umber, AoA, KSCA
Charles Kenna

Lord Coinneach mac Dhomhnuill, AoA 
Joe Johnson

Lady Emelyn Starkey, AoA, Courtier of Wealdsmere
Tina Starkey

Lady Eriska Kaitlin Mariska Vladescue, AoA
Sheri Dricker

Dona Gilia Maddalena del Lago AoA, GdS, Courtier of Wealdsmere
J. Jensen

Master Iain Crawford, JdL, OL
Chris Stark

Hon. Lord Janusch Vladescue
AoA, GdS, Yeoman & Courtier of Wealdsmere
Robert Dricker

Sir Jorg Siggeirsson, KSCA, OL

Lady Khatira Jalalabad
Katherine Hawkins

Maria di Calabrese

Nakagawa Sukeie
Ezequiel Ramos

Lord Noriyama Ono Doken, AoA, Sergeant of Wealdsmere
Katya Gilley

Ronin Barrett

Lord Seamus Mac an tSaoi, AoA, Sergeant of Wealdsmere
Jim Dodge

milady Sorcha Mac an tSaoi

Lord Thorsten fra Agnefit, AoA
Robert Agne, Jr

Vulrick the Pierced
Christopher Jenkins

Lord William MacLeod of Harris, AoA, Sergeant of Wealdsmere

This page contains the on-line links to residents of the Canton of Silverhart who have requested that their names be included (information is voluntary). If you are a resident of Silverhart and would like your E-mail and/or Home Page link to be listed, please send your request to the page master.

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