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This web site uses Java Script.
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There are several ways that this web site uses Javascript.

1. You may have noticed that spam (unwanted e-mail) has increased significantly over the past few years. In order to protect the many e-mail addresses listed throughout the site from harvesting by spam-bots, the addresses are scrambled by Javascript. In order to view the e-mail addresses, you will need to either turn Javascript on, use another browser with Javascript enabled or view the source code and pick out the portions of the address and reassemble them.

2. Some (short) pages may be displayed in pop-up windows (to minimize code for navigation). The pop-up window has a Java-script activated 'close window' button. Also, the window is named, so that viewing repeated information will generally place that information in the same window, rather than opening a new pop-up window.

3. The credits on the web site as well as the 'last update' information are displayed via a Java script. In case of a major change, this allows the web minister to change only a few pages to have the text change throughout this extensive site.

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For viewing e-mail addresses, turn Javascript on.