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Are you looking for someone you know who resides in one of the branches of the Inlands Region? If you know there SCA name, but not their branch, a good place to start is with the An Tir College of Heralds' Order of Precedence. Many times, an individual's branch is listed along with the awards they have received (the actual purpose of that site).

Once you know their branch, you can see if their branch has a populace page. If not, you can check the branch's listing of officers to see if they are a current officer.

If their is no roster of the populace and you cannot find them in the list of officers, you can try to contact their chatelain(e).
Remember your netiquette: say that you are trying to contact the person (it may help to give both the SCA and modern name). Do not ask for the person's name or e-mail. Ask that the Chatelain(e) please forward your contact request to the person or give your number with the request that you be contacted. That way, the individual's privacy is respected, you are not asking the chatelaine to violate that privacy, and it is up to that individual to choose to contact you.

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