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There are many skills and crafts that can be learned through the SCA. As a newcomer, you may be overwhelmed and bewildered by the variety of things people work on, and especially by the skill of many of the people you meet. If you do not know what you might be interested in, take some time just to observe others and to ask questions. If there are guilds or special interest groups that meet in your area, attend some to get to know the people and see what they do. Perhaps you have a skill in the modern world or an interest that can be "translated" into the medieval world. Some of the many things studied in the SCA are:

  • agriculture
  • archery
  • armoring
  • astronomy
  • bardic recitation
  • basketry
  • book binding
  • bow making
  • brewing
  • calligraphy
  • candle making
  • cartography
  • cooking
  • costuming
  • dancing
  • drama
  • drawing
  • dyeing
  • embroidery
  • falconry
  • fighting
  • gaming
  • glass blowing
  • heraldry
  • herbalism
  • horn working
  • horsemanship
  • husbandry
  • illumination
  • instrumental music
  • jewelry
  • juggling
  • lapidary
  • leather working
  • languages
  • masonry
  • masqing
  • mathematics
  • medicine
  • merchanting
  • metal working
  • musical composition
  • musical instruments
  • needlework
  • newsletters
  • painting
  • paper making
  • pavilion making
  • period fencing
  • philosophy
  • poetry
  • pottery
  • riddles
  • rug making
  • scribing
  • spinning
  • stained glass
  • tanning
  • tool making
  • toy making
  • tumbling
  • vintning
  • vocal music
  • weapon making
Or, you might see if others share an interest of yours and start a new special interest group.

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As we attempt to recreate the middle Ages, we make no effort to force people into gender specific roles. Women are not limited to the roles of homemaker or child-rearer and men are not limited to fighting or government. Women (if they wish) are allowed and encouraged to fight, make their own armor, and take their rightful place in the governing bodies. Men (if they wish) are allowed and encouraged to design and sew their own garb, become master cooks and learn the gentler arts.

Lifestyles in the SCA are as close to medieval life as we can make it and still keep it relatively safe. The goal is to have fun as we forget the everyday world and immerse ourselves in the beauty of hands-on history.

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Join us on a journey of adventure, as we explore the middle Ages!

When your arrive at your first meeting or event, go up to someone and introduce yourself. Explain that you are new and ask who you can talk to about learning more about the group. Some groups have special people (known as hospitaller, castellan or chatelaine) to greet newcomers.

If the event you are attending includes a feast, be sure you have made a reservation, if required, and that you bring "feast gear" (a spoon, knife, plate, napkin and something from which to drink). For outdoor events, it is wise to bring a folding chair or a blanket to sit on. Bring a hat or other sunshade for protection. Avoid modern looking food and drink containers or cover them with a cloth.

Part of the fun of the Society is choosing a name for yourself, and even a whole new personality, if you wish! Names are often based on a place name (Darbie of Ironmaid or William of Wealdsmere) or a personality characteristic (Michael Friend of All), or an occupation (Michael the Freesword). You may use your first or your last name (not both) if you wish, but you may not use the name of someone else, real or imaginary (historical, legendary or fictional). You also should not give yourself a title (king/queen, baron/baroness, lord/lady, master/mistress, sir) as titles are awarded as a result of excellence and service (when people send in letters of recommendation to Their Majesties and/or Their Highnesses).

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