Arms of the College of Lyonsmarche

Not all of the members of the College of Lyonsmarche are on-line; not all of them have requested to be included in this list. However, for those listed here, the names are not listed by order of precedence; the names are alphabetical by SCA name.

m'lady Æsa Alfvinsdóttir AoA
mail to: mka: Lindsey E. Peterson-Pope

milady Casse Tempeste
mailto: Lori Tietsort

Hon. Lady Ceinwen, AoA
Exchequer of Lyonsmarche
mail to: Janet Clark
Minister of the Exchequer
Lady Freya Goblin Morgaina's Daughter, AoA
mail to: Celadon Wood

Tighearn Killianflynn MacThoy, AoA
Master of Stables of Lyonsmarche
mailto: Ivan Peterson
Master of Stables
Mistress Morgaina of the Woodlands, O.L., O.P.
mailto: Jeanne Wood

Hon. Lord Phelán Tǫlusmiðr
Seneschal of Lyonsmarche
mailto: Bill Lillibridge
Office of the Seneschal
Goodwife Tawny Buckley
Minister of A&S, Herald of Lyonsmarche
mailto: Tammy Warren
Office of the Herald
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Lady Tova Fransdottir
Minister of Chatelaine of Lyonsmarche
mailto: Diane Lillibridge
Office of the Chatelaine
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