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Inlands Regional
Area Calendar

January, 2017

Jan. 13-15 An Tir Twelfth Night Wyewood S. King County, WA
21 Jaggerfest Cranehaven Chelan County, WA
21 Tavern Night Lyonsmarche Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID

February, 2017

Feb. 11Fimbilvinter / Feast of Fools Silverhhart Coeur d'Alene, ID
Feb. 25Festival of the Red Lantern Dregate Omak, WA
Feb. 25 Masque & Steele Vulkanfeldt Yakima Co., WA

March, 2017

March 4 Inlands Exchequer Training Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA
March 10-12 Kingsom A&S Champions Dragonslaire Kitsap & North Mason Counties, WA
March 18 Desert War Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA
March 18War in the Oasis XXIV (cancelled) Ambergard Grant County, WA
March 25 Sergeants' Trials Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA

April, 2017

April 7-9 Baronesses' War (Hoppin' Phules) Vulkanfeldt Yakima Co., WA
April 21-23Honor War Lyonsmarche Moscow/Pullman

May, 2017

May 19-21 May Crown Ambergard Grant Co., WA
May 26-29 Celtic Revolt Wealdsmere Spokane, WA

June, 2017

June 9-11 Springfest Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA
June 22Defender of the Hart XVII Silverhhart Coeur d'Alene, ID
June 30-July 2 Pendale Champions' Tournaments Pendale Sandpoint, ID

July, 2017

July 14-16 Coronation Site has moved! Maple Ridge, B.C.
July 21 Sergeants' Trials Wealdsmere Spokane, WA

August, 2017

Aug. 26Sergeants' Trials Vulkanfeldt Yakima Co., WA

September, 2017

Sept. 1-3 Crown Tournament Lionsgate Vancouver, BC
Sept. 8-10Archery Fest Vulkanfeldt Yakima Co., WA
Sept. 8-10Dregate Revel Dregate Omak, WA
Sept. 15-17 Border War Wealdsmere Spokane, WA

October, 2017

Oct. 6-8 Baron's Ball Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA
Oct. 21 Octoberfest Toys-4-Tots Wealdsmere Spokane, WA
Oct. 28As You Like It Akornebir Walla Walla, WA

November, 2017

Nov. 10-12 An Tir Collegium Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA

January, 2018

Jan. 12-14 An Tir Twelfth Night Wastekeep Tri-Cities, WA
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